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Registered Psychologist
Location: South East
Salary: is from £32,945 up to a maximum of £39,535
Closing Date: 27/02/2015

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an experienced team of Forensic Psychologists based at HMP Isle of Wight and part of the broader South Central Psychological Service.

In this varied role you will have the opportunity to be involved in the risk assessment of prisoners, devising and carrying out individual psychological interventions, conducting research, providing consultancy and delivering training to staff to support their work with a high risk group of offenders.

You will also be involved in mentoring trainee psychologists to ensure they develop through the key steps towards chartered and registered status.

HMP Isle of Wight has an excellent record for delivering high quality treatment services to sexual offenders via the Sex Offender Treatment Programme. The Psychology team provides the clinical input to this programme and also provides treatment to men who cannot engage with SOTP.

This position is demanding but also very rewarding.

Vetting Officers
Location: London
Salary: Up to £42k
Closing Date: 27/02/2015

Our candidates go through all kinds of rigorous checks and interviews to ensure that we always recruit people with the right skills and integrity to protect the UK.

The role

It’s not about interrogation. Yes it’s a complex, lengthy interview and you do need to unpick every last detail of the conversation. But you will do this by adopting a softer line of questioning. If you can put the individual at ease and gain their confidence, they will feel more comfortable about disclosing sensitive, highly personal information. That could be anything from family history and social life, to financial affairs and personal relationships.

From this information, you will begin to compile an accurate and consistent life story. You will explore any inconsistencies and ensure that there is a complete account, with any gaps filled in with credible, detailed information. You will then produce a written report on your findings, highlighting any significant issues and making a confident, risk-based recommendation on whether or not to grant security clearance.
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